The Lotto Winner's and Other Stories
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The Lotto Winners presents a handsome young man who has squandered his first two year of college and finds himself financially cutoff by his father. Josh’s future looks grim working the night shift at a fleabag hotel. “Out of Rhinehart”: Two Newcomb College girls decide to become pregnant their senior year and select the perfect male to sire their children, thus preventing their families from mating them with some dreadful geek from their inner circle of friends. “A Silver Dime for Sarah”: While feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square, the silhouette of a handsome young man turns on Sarah Parker’s memory of her wartime romance. “The Tontine Day”: An elderly woman in an upscale retirement home reminisces and make plans for Tontine Day, when the investment banker takes Alice and her two friends to Commander’s Palace for lunch to review their annuities. “Vincent’s Offerings”: A wife with values firmly planted in the 1960s suspects that her mate of twenty years is being unfaithful. Her true soul mate is her cat Vincent, who each morning leaves an offering for her on the doormat.
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