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The Colonel's Lady
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The Colonel's Lady is the story of an Air Force fighter pilot who became an ace during the Korean War. He returned home to find his high school and college friends married and as a returning veteran finds he is about as popular as a quarterback who threw and interception in a play-off game. Because of his love for flying, he stayed in the Air Force and by an act of the CIA and his commanding officer, he is introduced to a beautiful Russian girl in Arizona. He is ordered to fly her to Alaska where the NVKD, Russian Secret Service will pick her up in exchange for a captured CIA agent. He thinks she is just another broad. She thinks he is just another cocky fighter pilot and turns a cold shoulder to him until they are forced down in the wilds of Canada. After their return to civilization, she is sent back to Russia and an insane NVKD colonel who is threatening her family. He takes a job with a civilian airline. After flying over the world in jet passenger planes, and taking many women, the memory of this girl cannot be suppressed. when the CAB opens Russia for commercial airlines, he is assigned to the first jet service into Moscow, where with a breaking in the Cold War, Russian newspapers carry pictures of their inaugural flight and she sees his handsome face once again.
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