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The Jewish people have honored the principles of the Torah for thousands of years. Today, the Jewish people make up less than 1% of the world's population. However, their contribution in global affairs is enormous. This book presents a unique perspective about Jewish culture and history. It sets out to investigate the causes of the success of the Jewish people. The History & Mystery of the Jewish People unleashes some core elements and aspects of the Jewish society that have enabled Jews to remain at the helm of affairs in professions and institutions for centuries. It uses a rationalist approach to go over the history of the Jewish people. It examines the individual and collective philosophies that have shaped the thought and mindset of the Jewish people for the past centuries.The book undertakes some comparative analysis between the Jewish society and culture and the African society. It identifies the equivalents of the Jewish culture in the Sub-Saharan African community.This piece ventures into elements of Jewish history from Ancient Israel to the Destruction of the Second Temple. It gives a vivid account about events that led to the creation of the modern state of Israel. This daring quest brings to light some elements of today's society like the root of the War on Terror amongst others. The book is a unique narration by an African writer in an African context.
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