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Ripples in Time by George H. Malouf is a volume of poetry whose pages abound with the ebbing tempos of rhythmic excellence as the author conducts his dazzling symphony of rising and sinking rhymes: “And we, two, watched the wind filling their hoisted masts / Unheeding those sacred isles, the prominent mounts.” The beautiful verses of this volume portray the reality as seen by our poet in revering his love of life, humanity, nature, and the ever-present “Omnipotent” Divinity: “As if to kneel down on some sacred mounds / Revering God’s green pastoral valley.” The poetry in this collection is so versatile that it could belong to all the ages at once, rivaling in its timelessness, the standing traces of the Grecian Parthenon at the heart of the Athenian Acropolis: “For I have traversed the eons to be alongside you / Here, in the scarlet meadow of your sacred age.” The reader will bear witness to the sensitive words of our poet as he views the changing lyricism—a lyricism that makes to quiver the very chords of the heart: “My forever was a moment . . . / when our hearts, as one, joined together / And passion was to love as the winds to the feather . . . / And we two, with our souls embraced in joy and song / were, like children, feeling no wrong.” This lovely treasure of poetic incantations is not only lyrical and elastic in its moods of magnetic charm, but also sensitive and refreshing like the summer breeze, reserving a place in the sun for its author at the forefront of today’s leading poets.
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