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The author spent over forty years working in thehealth care industry, gaining fi rsthand knowledgeabout the interworkings of the various industriesthat represent the whole. After graduating from theUniversity of Texas Pharmacy School in 1959, Fritzworked in retail pharmacies for about twenty yearsand as an owner for fi fteen of those years. Duringthis time, valuable experience was gained whileworking with doctors, drug-company representatives,nursing homes, health insurance companies, and theconsuming public—his customers. After selling hisretail pharmacy, more experiences were gained sellingpharmacy computer systems to retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, and institutionalpharmacies. Additional experiences came from working as a business broker listing andselling retail pharmacies.Beginning about 1969, the whole health care industry evolved from a free enterpriseenvironment to one controlled by health insurance companies, drug manufacturers,litigious lawyers, and government-entitlement programs. After many years of witnessingthe demise of the health care industry and building frustration over the absence oftruth emanating from the talking heads representing all forms of our news media andpoliticians, he wrote is fi rst book, Health Care: It Can Be Fixed.There is not a more qualifi ed spokesman, nor a better friend, to health care than Fritz.He is no longer active in the industry, so he is absolutely free to speak the truth and helppeople understand where better health comes from. In addition to writing about healthcare, he is also a public speaker and a consultant to businesses and corporations.
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