Seven Surahs (Workbook)
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Seven Surahs Workbook is the companion book of Seven Surahs Textbook. These books are especially developed for the students in 7th and 8th grades as part of the Qur’anic This workbook is the companion to the Seven Surahs Textbook. As part of the Qur'anic Studies Program this book has been specifically developed for students in the 7th and 8th grades. Workbooks are an integral part of IQRA's comprehensive and systematic program of Islamic education along with their accompanying textbooks. The students have found the exercises and activities engaging and meaningful. This workbook provides the students an opportunity to: 1. Master the contents of the textbook. 2. Develop better study skills 3. Internalize the knowledge of the Qur'an. 4. Learn and develop critical thinking skills. 5. Expand their Qur'anic vocabulary. All teachers are encouraged to use the workbook activities with each lesson in the textbook.
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