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"These are hallowed grounds we live on, that those before us spared nothing including their lives for which enabled you and me the freedom and liberty that we now have. Our freedom and liberty is now eroding before our very eyes. We must grasp quickly the task before us to secure our liberties. We must combat tyranny and terrorism at all cost to ensure our Freedom!" By Don Wallace 5th day of June 2004 “We shall not belabor our founding, henceforth we shall belabor our founding principles; to which have propelled and led America to greatness during seasons of stress. We must covenant the blood that has been spilled keeping us focused. Our Liberties are at risk.” Don Wallace June 11, 2011 Living in America after World War II, the book reflects on where our country stood and where we have evolved to in sixty plus years. The story is based on living in the heart of the Midwest, namely Indiana. Indiana is both an Industrial and farming community state. Life in this state has been on a slower pace than most states. People have been friendly and supportive of one another for most of this period of time. But life is forever changing, as you will find as you read this story.
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