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‘Essays’ is Doctor Buchanan’s thoughts on just about everything. Here he tells the reader what he knows about the society we live in and what he believes about the way human society ought to be.Sometimes the author has his tongue in his cheek, and sometimes he has his poison pen in his hand, but always he is seeking to express the Truth that Life has taught him in his ninety years. His essays are sometimes his own experiences and sometimes they are his reflection on the parade of Life that he watches and has recorded over a period of many years. The essays are political; they are religious; they are personal. They are always an attempt to grasp Truth by the forelock and to wrestle manfully with his adversary.Buchanan’s ‘Essays’ cover the range from an easy approach to life at home to a serious attempt at public office. It is his understanding of ancient mythology that sets his work apart and opens it to vistas of a modern view of Man and God.In his art of piddlin’ and doing nothing Buchanan reveals a hidden achiever and when he writes about Man and God he reveals the mind of the minister struggling to understand himself and the people he feels God has made his responsibility because of his calling to be a minister of the Gospel.
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