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"Vampires exist. They call themselves "the Moon-Chosen". The U.S. government and the United Nations governing council have kept the secret, desperately hiding it from the general population. The last thing they want is for the bloodsuckers to go war Klaw Cavanaugh is a vampire and sometime assassin masquerading among human society. He owes an uneasy allegiance to Nero Serranova, a vampire prince with a bloody plan to unite the warring Gather-families of Gen Nocturna under one banner. Serranova's plan includes shredding the secret truce between humans and vampires, detailed in an unpublicized document known as "The Raptor Protocols".Dismayed, Cavanaugh enlists the aid of fellow vampire Lucraysha Radcleff, herself haunted by a past she is driven to atone for, and rogue intelligence agent Jordan Pride, an operative of the Urban Crimes Crisis Control Force's "Freak Show" unit, which covertly handles vampire crime.Josiah Kreed, a policeman within the rival Demonic community, has Klaw and associates under surveillance with orders to terminate them if their investigation threatens the power of the Demonics. Klaw knows Serranova's diabolical plot that can only end in disaster for his species. He rebels, recruiting the other adventurers. Reluctantly, they join forces to bring Serranova to justice."
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NIGHTFLESH - Joseph Armstead

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