Fatcat's Cross
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Cecil J. Peters is a master-deceiver—a televangelist extraordinaire.Harman Judson is the televangelist’s partner in crime. His sole ambition is to rid himself of the encumbrance his business attachment represents.Then there’s his daughter Kate, who always believed her father was in computers. She learns to her cost what it means to have a crook for a parent.There’s Ray, a genuine and solid pastor, plodding along as he attempts to discover the truth behind the man on the screen.And Stephanie, the darling of Montmartre, whose dancing attracts the crowds on the square outside the Sacré-Cœur, and whose Saturday routine is rudely shattered by unexpected visitors.From London to Paris, this book sweeps us along as murky intrigue travels side by side with mirth-filled revelry.What John Allen has put together is more than a novel—it’s an experience. Laced with humor and depth of feeling, the author invites us to partake in his own authoritative perceptions.Hard-hitting and leaving nothing to the imagination, Fatcat’s Cross is a must for those who want to know what’s behind the people up front.
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