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Soul search your own path of independent thinking. Consider the freedom and costs that may go with it.John Toker applies his years as a psychotherapist and as a learning specialist to empower his readers through insightful observations and questions about humanity. He brings attention to social engineering and how it relates to individuality.Frank Thomas must deal with the stress from training to be a psychotherapist in psychiatric hospitals, heal from his father's death, and wake to his young nephew's life-threatening illness. He is ultimately consumed with questioning who is sane and what makes for a functional philosophy on how to lead his life.Excerpts from Conflicting Sanity"What would become of this tragedy? Would he also succumb, like those who have surrendered to life's hardships? Give up on his spirituality? Or would this be a growing experience? Could he learn from this loss and help others? Reaffirm his vigor for life?""To reveal any self-doubts about his lonely dawning would assuage their issues with him as having all the answers, yet, he perceives, douse his credibility in kerosene. As a psychotherapist, the fuel of being vulnerable would be ablaze."Reviews"The book makes you think and gives you a deeper understanding of our psyche."-Cynthia BrianTV/Radio personalityBest selling author, coauthor of NY Times Best" John Toker felt so passionate about his work that he put it in the form of a novel "-Chronicle Newspapers
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