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To the spiritual world, it is an empty lot with a For Sale sign. For those destined to Hell, the empty lot transforms into a luxuriant hotel catering to all their evil pleasures until time for departure.Adam and Estelle, teenage siblings, fearful of having killed their father, run into the night. A wino tells them to avoid the empty lot because it is haunted. Undaunted, they sit in front of the lot eating sandwiches. Suddenly out of the night, gang members skid to a halt at the hotel. Fearing police, they capture the kids and run into the hotel. Adam and Estelle are dumbfounded when they find a plush carpet replacing dirt. During the confusion at finding the lobby filled with a drinking party, the kids race down the hall to escape. The hotel senses their presence and decides to keep them. The hotel alters everything the kids see and do: room numbers change, halls go randomly, basements don't exist, floors have changing numbers, rooms beckon and attempt to trap them, narrow escapes and people to haunt your dreams. Exhausted, unable to find an exit, Adam and Estelle know the hotel has won...THERE IS NO WAY OUT!
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ISBN: 9781469711744
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