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For Better or For Worse Reese Phillip Dexter, III has a life that most men would envy. He has money in the bank, a good job, plenty of good looks and married to a woman who can only be described as a "legendary beauty." In what seems like all of a sudden, Reese's life takes a turn for the worse. He has become embroiled in a professional crisis and must face the possibility of a terminal illness involving his devoted mother, Joyce. A near tragedy involves his younger brother, James, and he has to contend with his wife, Sabella, icy demeanor and her deepest secret, all may ultimately change his life and end his marriage - forever. Richmond, Virginia is the setting for this fast moving story as Reese tackles the challenges that have been placed before him -that could push an ordinary man over the edge. Reese's saving grace is his Heavenly Father and his well-connected earthly father, Reese,Jr.
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ISBN: 9781469749389
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