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Infallible - A Papal Fantasy
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During the reign of Pope John Paul II, relations between gays and the Catholic Church have hit an all time low. Infallible - A Papal Fantasy is a rollicking speculation on what might happen if a Pope were to decide to use his ‘infallible’ authority to advance, instead of hindering, the cause of gay rights. "Infallible" mixes romance, sex, and murder with the Byzantine machinations of Vatican politics, as the newly elected Pope Patrick I is sent on a spiritual journey where he is subjected to the trials, tribulations and triumphs of gay life. Convinced that he has experienced a real epiphany, Patrick must now, using all of his substantial Papal powers, find a way to peacefully achieve God’s grand design. Faced with unrelenting opposition from within his own Vatican hierarchy, the Pope enlists the help of two young men: Randy Feigal - an AIDs activist and long-time political adversary from his hometown Boston, and Alberto Camello - a young Swiss Guardsman who’s just beginning to question his own sexuality.The sides are drawn. Will the forces of traditional dogma win the day? Or will Patrick and his friends at last find a way to wrench the Catholic Church into the Twenty-first Century?
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Infallible - A Papal Fantasy - William Mott

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