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The Perils of Life Savoring
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It is all right to doubt. Skepticism is as noble a journey to faith as accepting orthodox authority and a lot more fun. This is a true story of a young man who wondered if all he heard from a church pew and saw through stained glass were as real as it would get. It’s an amusing read for the generation who thought maturity was what they experienced in the 1940s and 1950s. Young readers struggling to emerge from authoritarianism will be relieved to learn that their elders are not as certain as they pretend. Did the young man receive a divine call, or was he seeking the approval of a more earthly father? How could he proclaim faith when he doubted more than most in the pews? Was it dishonest for an agnostic to play the role of a minister for thirty-five years? Dishonest or not, he came to appreciate the role, and reflecting back on it is enabled to say that it really was good. It was very good.
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The Perils of Life Savoring - David Danielson

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