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Ostracized by her white parents when she marries Jim Lyman, a black man, Mandy confronts the devastating racism in Los Angeles in the l950's. She leaves her church, her hometown and lifelong friends to live with her husband, a scientist, in the black community. When Jim faces discrimination on his job, difficulty in finding suitable housing and the hidden prejudices of some of their white friends, Mandy becomes increasingly discouraged about their ability to be happy in a racist society. During a horrendous trial when Jim is wrongly accused of sexual harassment, he has a fatal heart attack.Mandy returns to college for her teaching credentials to support their two children and encounters further racial biases in the school. She strives alone to deal with these challenges and the problems faced by her mixed children. Her beliefs are further tested when her son decides to marry a white girl. Should she encourage him?
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ISBN: 9781469762579
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