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A fictional novel about one woman's path towards healing. It begins with Jasmine embarking on a new career in the art of healing hoping to make a difference in the world by touching the lives of others, ends up instead being touched by the spirit of another and through that spirit discovers her true Self. While on the journey, she finds new love, is reminded of an old loss, and begins to fear the future and finds hope in the past. She faces external challenges and internal demons, which sends her into the darkness of despair. But it is in the descent that propels her further into the sojourn of the Self. During a moment of absolute emptiness, a reverie takes her into the very core of her being, her true essence. It's in touching that part she connects to a spirit belonging to her best friend, her soulmate. It is his love, his light, and a long-forgotten secret that guides her out of the darkness and is the one to offer hope. And it is the secret that brings her back to the path, to her calling, to her purpose.
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781469748436
List price: $3.99
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