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New Yorker Nicholas Taylor has seen things in his youth that most children shouldn't: parents' divorce, war, and the murder of his mother, a reporter, by a mysterious gang. This has great repercussions on Nick. In the year 2006, he has grown into a young man following in his mother's footsteps as a journalist, determined to win the Pulitzer that she couldn't by taking down the very gang that killed her. This gang, however, appears to be involved in more than just simple street crimes. All their murders seem to have a dire purpose and it seems futile to try to bring them down simply through the power of the press. It pushes Nick to gather his leads in a more unconventional manner...But even more dangerous to Nick than organized crime is his own home life. His desire to avenge his mother's death and finally feel a sense of purpose comes into conflict with his neglected family. With his wife on the verge of leaving him, Nick finds that pursuing his life's dreams could have a price to pay for decades.
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