Love, Braid Us Three
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Roommates--Petula, Rachel and Lisa-- are as different as North, South and West in the matters of everything from religion to hair. The battle that ensues in their dorm room, as well as, in their young minds, is a mix of Petula's Southern roots, that have never spread beyond her native Charleston or the black history that she is tired of hearing about from her storytelling father; Rachel's matter-of-fact attitude that says her god is her Native American culture of which her very strong-willed father is the dictator who no one, including her, can cross. Then there is Lisa who is rich, spoiled and self-absorbed, putting Petula and Rachel out to cook as she seeks to prove that Northern wealth and culture is the only god that should matter to anyone. But, what becomes of three men that happen into their lives influenced by a god neither of them know anything about? Oneness is the goal if only these three girls would put their hearts and heads together to conform Southern kinks behavior, Native American bone straight ideals and the chemically relaxed thoughts of Northern suburban influence, of one who denies her roots, into to one "braid" that has to honor One, and only One. Whose god will win?
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