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Since man first staked out his tribal boundaries he has considered that ground hallowed and inviolate. Trespass was seen as an act of aggression. It is thus that the warrior first served his nation. Mankind has cast a favorable eye on the selfless service of its warriors. Those left behind have honored the surrender of the warrior's life to needs of the nation as they pick up the pieces when the war is over. As man has become more sophisticated, so has his means of prosecuting war. Alliances are formed between nations for mutual protection; weapons fell more men in a single blow than entire wars did thousands of years ago. The thing that has not changed is that in the end it is the foot soldier, serving with belief in his cause, who eventually gains victory for his nation's cause. The soldier's trust in his leaders is his armor against the horrors of war. Unfortunately, even in the best of causes there are those who misuse those who serve Without Question to further their own gain. This is a tale of men who believe in their service and serve with noble honor.
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