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TEXT FOR AUTHOR BIO: Jason resides in Newcastle Australia. When he isn't writing, he is busy caring for his "mini-zoo" of pets, which include an assortment of lizards, snakes, birds, cats, a dog and even a pig. He also writes album reviews and conducts interviews for his business Echorider Metalworks, an internet store specializing in Heavy metal music and plays guitar for his bank Iliad.TEXT FOR BOOK DESCRIPTION: Black Abyss could loosely be described as a work of science fiction set in northern Australia in the not-too-distant future. The story revolves around twin gods — The Pulse and the Black Abyss—who together created a universe, which was destroyed when one of their creations discovered the power of creation themselves, and destroyed the balance within their world. Only the two gods survived, without any knowledge of the other one's fate. The Black Abyss was left to slowly die in its former universe and the pulse was propelled into a new dimension, where it commenced creating a new god. This was a slow process, as, without the Black Abyss, equilibrium would be impossible to maintain if there were any sudden changes of great magnitude. The process, which would take several billion years, would be achieved through evolution. Eventually it is realized by the book's main characters that the survival of the universe was becoming a race against time, as the Black Abyss finds a window between its universe and ours and attempts to find the Pulse in order to save itself from certain death. They work together to try and unravel the mysteries of this universe and to try and stop their home and everything around them from disappearing forever.
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781469738932
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