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Candy Brown, a twenty-three-year-old Swiss girl in search of adventure, follows her father on a business trip to Malaysia. There, she meets a local boy, Robert Kok, who is two years her junior and ready to take the next important step into adulthood.He calls her "sugar"; she calls him a pig. She likes shopping; he prefers sleeping. She loves to read books on Chinese geomancy; he would rather read Spider-Man comics. Despite their contrasting backgrounds, their love for each other gradually turns into a bread-and-butter affair.Fueled only by raging hormones, Robert is hopelessly inexperienced when it comes to scoring with Candy. He has to rely on her to make the first move every time. Even though his dignity is undermined, Robert never complains, because he knows he will always receive his pot of honey at the end of the day.But life is never perfect. Unknown to Candy and Robert, their parents have a dark secret. When it is eventually revealed, they are in for a real shock!
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ISBN: 9780595824649
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