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Jewish Blood is the most moral book in the best sense of the word. Through the characters, the reader learns something more how we gain our life in the willingness to devote it to others; the reader learns something more about love and hatred, faith and unbelief, self-confirmation and national pride.Plunged in danger, intrigue and adventure in the first part of his life in Germany, the main protagonist, Henry Ginsberg, becomes a world-recognized Israeli scientist and a Nobel Prize winner in his later years.Among the other characters whose fates are entwined with that of the main protagonist are the following:-Rachel: a Jewish girl whom Henry saved from the concentration camp and who became his wife;-Dr. Otto Dornberger: a talented German scientist, but a pathological anti-Semite, who influenced Henry's vocation;-Baruch Silverman: one of the leaders of the World Jewish Congress, who helped Henry and Rachel to start a new life after the war;-Deborah Levine: Silverman's granddaughter whose short life was a God-given love for Henry;-Rabbi Boxter: Henry's spiritual mentor, who believes that American Jews have failed to assume their full responsibility to the Jewish people as a whole.These persons and many others create a unique pattern of human relations in the modern world. The mystical power of the memory of the past blends with tensions of today's Israel until the past and the present explode together in a tremendous finale.
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Jewish Blood - Edward Schwartz

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