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Climate of Ecopolitics
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Climate of Ecopolitics is a vital Citizen's Guide that sorts out the millions of bits of information on global climate change. Global warming has been described as both the world's biggest crisis, and the biggest hoax-neither is true. This book explores the history, histrionics, psychology, false prophets and marketers of the environmental movement.A provocative view of global ecopolitics is presented; where governments demand radical and costly action on climate change and global warming. And sadly, where the due diligence of climate science cause-and-effect findings are an inconvenience-" green group propaganda have distorted climate change far beyond rational scientific discovery or discourse."- LOS ANGELES TIMES" we spend as much on environmental protection as on national defense and homeland security combined."- THE WALL STREET JOURNALThis book also examines the key government policies for dealing with the issues of global climate change and climate science.
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Climate of Ecopolitics - Paul Taylor

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