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Nietzsche's Lament is a crime/thriller about two female serial killers caught up in a web of deception, devil worship, and cult religion. When two female serial killers unexpectedly join forces to challenge the Church of Scientology, Hollywood becomes a killing field. Former FBI agent Laura Lamb, now an infamous serial killer, is drawn back to Southern California to quench her thirst for revenge. At first look, Nietzsche's Lament is a crime thriller about a cop gone bad, and Eve Sheerwood, an escaped convict from Patton State Hospital for the criminally insane. But onced immersed in the story, the reader discovers a host of ancillary characters hiding behinf shifting personas. The action packed thriller morphs into a philosophical thriller, as these characters get caught up in the action. For the thrill seeking reader, Nietzsche's Lament is a wild ride with a surprising ending. It asks, "Who are we?"The tension builds as the intrepid investigators close in on the Bambinos, a prominent east coast mob family, and Scientology, the controversial religion embraced by high profile Hollywood personalities. The fast paced narrative features memorable characters embroiled in a trail of assassinations, revenge killings, and paranoid obsessions. The novel twists and turns through a labyrinth crawling with deception, violence, and madness. The characters adopt shifting personas that present the reader with provocative questions about the true nature of self. The trail of madness, murder, and mayhem, plays out in many of California's most recognizable haunts and institutions.
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