The unmatched wits of Sherlock Holmes are called upon to solve three new mysteries in this fascinating trilogy, sending him and his faithful friend, Dr. Watson, to places throughout Europe during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Supernatural forces are suspected of murder in the case of The Satyr of Stonehenge, as Holmes and Watson comb the moors around the ancient stones and ultimately find clues to buried treasure. The Edwardian art world is the backdrop for The Curious Connoisseur, taking the reader on a delightful and educational journey into the circles of artists, dealers, collectors, and the lucrative business of art forgery. In The Illusion of Glory, Holmes and Watson make their way through the most treacherous places in World War I era Europe, tracking and undermining the activities of those determined to sabotage world peace and productivity. Old and new friends of Sherlock Holmes are sure to enjoy these three thrilling tales and the often charming, sometimes chilling settings in which they take place.
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