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The Eyes and Ears of Rome in Spain
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The novel, The Eyes and Ears of Rome in Spain is the first in a series of novels whichfollow the adventures of the young spy master Antonus Paullus during the Second Punic Warwhen Rome fought Carthage and Hannibal. This is a critical period for Rome when the city beganthe transformation from a regional to ancient world power. Actual events and characters from theSecond Punic War are used as the framework for these fast moving, action packed, fictionalstories.The Paullus family is in charge of all Roman spying activities. At the beginning of the warAntonus becomes head of family operations in Spain. He replaces his father who has beencaptured and killed. His assignments are, to avoid capture by Carthaginian counterintelligence, tofind who; and why his father was betrayed, to determine the operational strategy of theCarthaginians, and to drive a wedge between the Spanish Tribes and Carthage. Antonus worksto complete each of the assignments, over coming obstacles, finding love, and growing tomaturity in his new position.
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