Those Who Choose to be Chosen
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Those Who Choose to be Chosen offers thought-provoking,inspirational lessons that encourage anyone on a spiritual journeyto focus on awakening their divine life mission.At a young age, Virginia Ashmore's practicing religion prohibitedher from attending a friend's church. In her young mind, shereasoned that her friend, and the members of her friend's church,must have prayed to a different God than the God sheworshipped. That significant impression launched Ms. Ashmoreon a life-long pilgrimage in search of her own divine destiny. Shepoints out that we are all made in the likeness of God and mustcarve out our individuality when contributing to the overallcollective consciousness of the world. After years of study, herpersonal reflections have developed into lessons that will teachyou how to: See yourself the way God sees you Open your heart and find the gift of love Discover who you were intended to be Use prayer to open the door to God's workThrough Ms. Ashmore's teachings, you will learn that you are notalone. Open your eyes so you can truly experience all you areintended to see, feel, and love through the glory of God.
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