Daddy & Daddy Against The Odds
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We once lived in an era that turned back the moments in time when the heterosexual was the dominant ruler and controller of society. Now as we fast forward into the millennium a new denomination holds the destiny to the new world as we know it today. Let us journey through two men’s lives as they set a new precedence that runs from Washington DC to Down Town USA.

Let us share with you the testamentary foot prints on how we conquered marriage, success, adoption and our own assimilation. Are we two gay men or are we two people who choose a sexual orientation different from yours.

We hold the credentials for setting the foundation in paving the path by allowing Federal Laws of America to allow sexual orientation to being a protected class under Title 7. After nearly seventeen years of being partnered we have become married as husband and husband. Being the first husband and husband to adopt as father and father in New York State has made us the poster child for generations to come.

Let us tell you how to adopt locally without money through the raffs of the Child Welfare System. Let’s journey down our memory lane tell you how Daddy and Daddy have five beautiful children who have all had our DREAMS COME TRUE, now yet yours.

The Child Welfare system provides many free services and incentives for adoption and foster care that also focus’ on single parent adoptions as well as husband and wife adoptions. This book is dedicated for people in need of family’s not people in need of money. Remember it takes a Village to raise a child.
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