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In Our Gay Son, David Robert-John described how he came to realise that the Bible’s view of homosexuality was at odds with modern understanding. That was an extremely unsettling discovery for an evangelical Christian whose beliefs were based entirely on biblical teaching.
In this sequel, the author continues his quest for truth by examining the Bible and asking how much traditional Christian belief can be derived with any certainty from its narratives. The disturbing answer seems to be very little. It is perhaps fortunate that religious beliefs seem to be grounded more in our emotions than in our intellect.
This is not a book for the faint-hearted believer. The author raises concerns that most Christian leaders would prefer to be swept under the carpet and he asks questions that the faithful are discouraged even from thinking about. They are the concerns and questions that ultimately led to his own loss of faith because not only were there no satisfactory answers but nobody seemed to care. They are questions that will challenge even the most convinced, committed believers, and they leave the credibility of Christianity hanging by a thread.
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