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The Comma Sutra
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An autobiographical story that picks up where Literati ends, The Comma Sutra is about the art of saying goodbye to things that no longer serve us, giving ourselves permission to become our highest dreams, and letting true love make us whole again. Dreaming-Bear believes our souls originate from the silent nothingness of experiences that leave us with an utter sense of wordlessness⎯a moment symbolized by the comma. These are the moments that make us drop our jaws in awe at the sheer enormity of what is happening, moments of brilliance, mistakes, tragedy, beauty, rage, and tranquility. Regardless of how many words we speak to one another, they all somehow eventually become lost in the silence. The Comma Sutra explores those wordless moments in which true enlightenment is born.
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The Comma Sutra - Kanaan

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