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QUOTES: "A combination of Mad Magazine, Summa Theologica, and Jonathan Swift.” Pulitzer Prize Winner Jack Miles, God the Biography, Former Editor LA Times Book Review
"If you liked Fargo, you'll love this one." —Rod Thorp. Author of Die Hard, and The Detective

"A comic tale full of dark laughter which obeys the first law of satire: leave no one unoffended."—E.M. Nathanson. Author of The Dirty Dozen BOOK DESCRIPTION:

Called upon to aid a stricken priest, Orange County paramedic Phil Linch discovers to his horror that the aged cleric is the same man who molested him years ago as an altar boy. Phil soon unwillingly finds himself in league with a corrupt, politically ambitious DA, engaged in a devil’s dance to frame the old man. Forced to forge evidence and lie under oath, Phil feels like he’s selling his soul to right a moral wrong.

Divine Lunacy is a rollicking comic novel about a deadly serious subject. Author Kevin Gallagher’s satiric sword is razor-sharp and cuts a wide swath through a rich cast of characters out of Dante’s Inferno by way of Ring Lardner and Damon Runyon.

AUTHOR BIO: Kevin Gallagher was born and raised on Chicago's South Side. Jesuit educated, he graduated from—University and—Law School. He served in the U. S. Marine Corps, rising to the rank of captain. As a lawyer for more than thirty years, he has tried every type of case from petty offenses to homicides. He also has been a book reviewer for the Los Angeles Times.
Kevin Gallagher lives in Orange County, California, with his wife of thirty-two years. Divine Lunacy is his second novel.
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781462098675
List price: $3.99
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