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This love letter is a message for you from God Almighty, to show you how to prosper and climb to the next level in the Lord and in your own personal lives. Ask Wisdom to direct you. She was there with God from the very beginning. She also brings honor. She will teach you how to know your boundaries. Strength! Oh! she will build you, just ask. Whatever, whenever, however, whoever, the situation, Wisdom will help you make the right decision every time. Understanding is her partner, that will help you establish what you thought you never could do. Wisdom will also help you find your place in the circle of life. Know that as the Lord has directed this love letter to be established and created, it is a ring of unending compassion and provision, that He wants you to know belongs to you. Take her, apply her to the circumstances in your life. Watch the changes take place in your life and lives of those around you.
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