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This book presents insights and observations on the current emotional and intellectual status between civilizations in the East and West that led the author to believe that an East-West confrontation producing World War III of the nuclear kind is very likely – but avoidable.
With an uncanny ability to process information from often eclectic sources and to recognize startling patterns of thought and activity, Iskandar ("I") Khan examines causes of conflict, history of religious law, international business' superiority over nations, and the ever urgent need to begin the potentially lengthy process of establishing peace in today's unstable and dangerous world. Along the way, he makes an appeal to America's baby boomers, Jewish leaders, and engineers of the world to participate in this process, while also discussing his own actions undertaken on behalf of this noble effort.
Divided into five parts, the final part presents rational solutions and suggestions for America as a world leader and tells us how we can bring positive changes to our own political and economic system.
A dynamic, insightful and thought-provoking read!
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