Master Meditation, Master Your Life
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"The seed of the book you are holding was a series of articles This series broke site records for traffic (andstill does, almost a year later), comments, and social bookmarking.People loved it, and wanted other people to know about it!This book is a powerful step in the process of personal development andspiritual growth. Working through the wisdom within will gradually give youmore and more of what you are looking for in the external world, as well asdeep satisfaction and happiness within.If you sincerely study just 1 tip from this book, you will walk away witha deeper understanding of meditation. With regular practice, you will beamazed at how fast you progress.Whether you are looking for meditative tools for personal development, ormeditation for spiritual growth… whether you are a beginner, a veteran, oranything in-between, you need to take a sincere look at this book."
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ISBN: 9781453560952
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