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"The story starts with Jesus and Mary Magdalene marrying, bondingand beginning a family. Th irteen years later, he fi nds what God had inmind for him. She follows him on the road. She learns the Gospel. Th encomes the day Jesus is arrested, trialed and crucifi ed.Afterwards she becomes Apostle to the Apostles teaching them thingJesus did not tell them. She and Jesus’ brother, James, found the JesusMovement, the ‘Way’. Eventually she is forced to leave her homeland.She continues to teach across the Roman Empire from Ephesus, Athensto Rome. After a year teaching she is called before a 17 year old Nero. Sheescapes his persecution with the aid of a Praetorian Offi cer. Th ey all escapeto southern France. Th ere she continues to preach and convert Jews andGentiles in there until her own death."
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