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The Givers of Life. The Return of Christ
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This series of books 'The Givers of Life. The Return of Christ' has a trifold message of inspiration. Volume 1 contains a wealth of values, prayers & principle standards coming from the heartland of Ohio & travels in & out of this world. Volume 2 brings everyone into a soul filled journey into the "Door of the Great Work' participating in a 7 year mystery school as an initiate, a becoming master, in the evergreen state. '32 by TEO' brings all to a super lucid personal vision of the return of Jesus Christ to our earth and the alchemical transformation of mankind in 2012 and beyond into a golden era of enlightenment during tumultious earth changes. It is to you and every soul on this plane in preparedness as a bride & groom. Fantastic inspiring stories to uplift and bring forth human dignity, sovereignty & freedom. It is your time, the divine unfoldment of your souls destiny of evolution and love. A remarkable read for all ages that you will remember forever!
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