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It is with wonder that I approach this book. I am attempting what I thought impossible, but with my guardian angel and guide, Archangel Michael by my side, the precious words and prayers for this book just flow into my mind. With pencil at the ready, they are written down for posterity, to help those who wish to read God’s words, straight from an archangel, His divine helper. It is one thing to read another’s story of these wonderful occurrences but quite another to believe in yourself enough to know when you are receiving such a great spiritual gift. So much trust is needed putting these words onto paper for others to read and for them to take these words of magnitude to their hearts. I have always believed in God, and I have read many books encouraging me to continue with this belief. I read other people’s accounts of God, the angels, and beautiful spiritual accounts of happenings beyond our earth world after we have crossed over to our home in the world of spirit. The questions I have asked Archangel Michael to answer in the book are simple questions that I would like to know the answers to myself. These answers make the angelic realm and the world of spirit seem so near, so accessible to us ordinary people just wondering what our home is really like after we leave this world of earth and complete our journey home.
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ISBN: 9781452547626
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