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A Beacon of Hope presents a collection of poetic letters that author Reveral L. Yeargin has been writing since 1986. He has been inspired by the Lord to write words of encouragement and inspiration to share with those who believe in God. Through Yeargin’s inspiring poetry, God has spoken with His Spirit so that everyone can read, study, and apply the wisdom from them to their everyday life. Each of these poetic letters is an inspiration of people, places, and things.These letters have been written to clarify our views because all of us are searching for answers to many of life’s challenging questions without knowing where to search to find the answers. A Beacon of Hope is vessel for gaining peace of mind for those things that we don’t understand, thus allowing us to understand and embrace the paths that have been set before us in love.My prayer is that you receive this with an open heart and after you get it continue to trust in GodGod can if you trust Him and He will if you continue to place your hope in Him Every tiny tree hopes to become full grown and you should have the desire to please your GodI see you as a complete success because you fixed your heart on climbing the highest mountainThere is no greater place in heaven or on this earth to put your hope than to hope in God—from “A Beacon of Hope”
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