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My name is Alex, and in one year, I am going to die.Teenaged Alex can admit to himself that his demise is a result of his own actions and he deserves what he has coming. But his life wasn’t always this way. Once, he had a family and good friends. Once, he even had a girl he was crazy about. Nothing good lasts forever, though—especially when drugs are involved.Alex’s bad habits started innocently enough. He just wanted to experiment, but soon his experimentation became more than an occasional habit—it became an addiction. Then, he got involved with a bad crowd, the crowd had become his new family, but everything was turning to violence.Soon, Alex knows the end of his life is near. As his friends get jumped in dark alleys, Alex finds himself the target of betrayal. Revenge must be taken. Someone has to die, but how and why did it come to this? All Alex wanted was to fit in, but now there’s blood on his hands. Now he must find out if there is redemption for a dirty soul or if it is too late for this teenager who once hoped to live a life of promise.
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ISBN: 9781469775821
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