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Length: 273 pages5 hours


Twenty-something Buckminster, or “Buck” as he is known to most, lives a pretty typical life in the house he shares with seven others near the University of Ottawa. Buck thinks his biggest challenge is grappling with the annoyances of living with several different personalities, but little does he know that danger, betrayal, and death lurks in the shadows. Life is about to become anything but typical for Buck.As the students approach the fateful week leading up to the G-8 and G-20 summits held in Ontario in June 2010, they are clueless that there has been an enormous political and social change within the Western and Canadian worlds in response to perceived societal threats. Even worse, one of Buck’s roommates is fixated on becoming the best stalker and cross-terrain ghost in the world with one lofty goal—to intimidate and scare a few unlucky souls. As the week progresses, Buck and his roommates soon realize that their insulated lives are about to be exposed in ways they never could have imagined.In this riveting thriller, it is up to the residents of 395 Nelson Street to escape from a dangerous web of deceit—before it is too late.

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