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Dr. Chad Collins and his close friend Dr. Juan Velasco are caught up in a conspiracy at King-Clemente HMO. Mel Levine, president of the HMO and his cohort of unethical doctors, lawyers and accountants have discovered a way to deny medical care and increase profitability. By by-passing medical decisions and using the Final Review process designed by lawyers and accountants, they can calculate when it is cost-effective to refuse care or delay it.One of Dr. Velasco’s patients was denied care because of the Final Review process and dies shortly afterwards. When Dr. Velasco and Dr. Collins start to snoop around the Final Review department they are fired and their careers are destroyed. Only Julia Jones, a novice attorney at the hospital, can help them uncover the truth. She has a thing for Chad, but is more interested in protecting her career than in a relationship. After various twists and turns Chad gets caught trying to download the vital information that he needs to uncover the conspiracy. Julia finds out that it could be the end for Chad if she doesn’t risk everything and come to his aid. In so doing she realizes how deeply she cares for him. In a wonderful blend of surprise and revelation Chad’s long history of integrity and honesty wins out over the conniving and manipulative Mel Levine and his partners in crime.
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ISBN: 9781462097586
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