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One Deadly Rhyme
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One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns. If you have no daughters, give them to your sons. In this, the first of The Number Mysteries, Doug Hammand is found filleted in the frozen flounder section of McCutty's Market with a coded message pinned to his one good suit and a cowberry necklace wound tightly about his throat. The deranged, love-sick killer challenges syndicated numerologist Samantha Blackwell to a duel of the minds before he fillets again.Bonus: Your personal cycle in the Addendum to One Deadly Rhyme.One Deadly Rhyme is an "...engaging first novel...Bunker mixes the puzzles and suspense with a healthy dose of humor."-Lynn Harnett, Book Reviewer, Sunday Herald"A Real Page-Turner. Sue Grafton move over! I loved this book. Sam is a believable character, with a passion for numerology, writing, and her family. An added bonus: a numerology lesson in the back of the book."-Catherine Ward ("Congratulations, Dusty. It's a winner! Dusty adds such life to her characters...especially Samantha. I loved this (book)."-Millicent Hart, romance novelist
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One Deadly Rhyme - Dusty Bunker

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