Fyodor Andreyevich, a brilliant professor of Moscow University, is forty years old and still not married. Teaching, writing articles, reading, tutoring senior students, and jogging occupied his bachelor’s life. He lives quietly in a multi-family apartment in Downtown Moscow. Then he is noticed by a determined woman with powerful connections who considers him a good match for her daughter Victoria, a beautiful nineteen-year-old brunette with large liquid eyes and a smooth manner of talk. The marriage turns out to be blissful, thanks to his Mother-in-law who knows where to go, how to solve problems, and what the key to being rich is. Professor Fyodor finds himself among the elite of Russian society. Then Valerii, a displaced pseudo-scholar, once diagnosed with a mental disorder appears on the scene to ruin the family. Could it be done?Russian Artists, Poets, Movie Makers and Philosophers, love, hatred, death, betrayal and emigration.PUT THEM ALL TOGETHER AND YOU HAVE AN IRRESISTIBLE FAMILY SAGA ABOUT THE INTRICAL LIFE OF A RUSSIAN INTELLECTUAL WRITTEN WITH THE CHARM OF A CLASSICAL RUSSIAN NOVEL.
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