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How to Get the Man You Deserve
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This book is for every woman who has had a guy lie, cheat, or abuse her. It is also for those that have ever wondered what are men thinking when it comes to sex, relationships, or dating. This book is about realizing all of the lies, games guys use to get with a woman. It was designed to help women figure out who is serious or marriage material, from those that are not worthy of your time. It lists common situations found in dating today such as cheating, dating someone with children, and living together. It is mainly aimed toward the dating and relationship conditions of the African-American community however it contains knowledgeable information that people of all nationalities can relate to. It attempts to rectify common misconceptions, improve moral responsibility, while promoting communication and healthy meaningful relationships. Whether you are currently dating, married, separated to someone or even thinking about jumping back into the dating scene this book is for you.
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How to Get the Man You Deserve - Fred Marshall

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