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The United States is still the most prosperous country in the world, despite our recent troubles. We are not perfect by a wide margin, but we have done an extraordinary job of providing upward mobility for millions of citizens for centuries.Today it is more important than ever to be generous to one another. Gaudiani provides a personal guide to practicing this virture in tough times.Few people recognize how important the generosity of individual citizens has been to our social and economic success. We all enjoy the benefits of these gifts every day. Ever take an anti-biotic? Have a retirement account? Know anyone who went to school on a scholarship? Each of these wonderful things, and many, many more, has been brought to you by citizen generosity.Claire Gaudiani captures this unique spirit of helping one another in her carefully researched stories.She will entertain and inspire you, and as only Claire can, challenge you to join her in contributing to the greater good.
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ISBN: 9780595914098
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