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On a summer night in 1944, a German submarine, the U-1299 slips away from its moorings at the 1st Flotilla's base in France. Its mission is to land two saboteurs on a deserted beach on the coast of Virginia. Their mission is to assassinate the president of the United States.Crossing the Atlantic, the U-1299 encounters a U.S. destroyer and is nearly sunk by depth charges, but is able to land the saboteurs on a deserted beach where they are to meet contact, a spy in the British Embassy. Upon reaching the beach, the two men bury their uniforms, weapons, and identification tags, expecting to retrieve them later. One of the men is injured in the landing and is caught by a Coast Guard patrol. The other saboteur escapes, meets his contact and disappears. Five years later, a retired FBI agent on vacation is searching the beach with a mine detector for coins washed ashore from shipwrecks. He discovers the buried weapons and the identification tags. After researching police and FBI files, he learns that the man who was caught received a thirty-year prison sentence. The other saboteur was never apprehended and is still on the FBI's most wanted list. The hunt for the saboteur begins…a story of espionage, attempted murder, and assassination.
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