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The provocative rants of world-famous radio luminary Chris Kodiak are changing America's political climate. But San Francisco is immune—at least that's what long-time City By the Bay resident and die-hard hippy Benny Taylor thinks. Then his former lover—a prominent feminist—is attacked; the first in a series of assaults leveled (according to notes left pinned to the victim's clothing) against all "deviants." In San Francisco, that doesn't leave many people out. Benny's fury to discover who is behind the attacks pulls him into a world where fury is the stock-in-trade for announcers and listeners alike; a world dominated by Chris Kodiak. Radio Rage is a gripping, funny and often surreal journey into the superheated precincts of talk radio. From the elegant recording studios of the Excellence in Broadcasting Network in Manhattan, where Kodiak delivers his daily harangues, to the back alleys and strip clubs of San Francisco's Tenderloin District, where Kodiak's most devoted follower hunts for his latest "deviant," Radio Rage is a rare thriller that stands up for non-conformists and rejects the wisdom of media "experts," whose egos vastly exceed their intellects.
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