PARADIGM OF DECEPTION is a riveting real-life thriller rooted in the people of our times, where power, greed, ruthless politics, and murder are everyday affairs. Unbridled individualists and criminals pluck a country's natural resources and industrial fruits like ripe melons from an unguarded plot, producing extreme wealth they spend conspicuously on material delights of every description. Through control of oil, Arabs wield power and manipulate nations, enriching themselves while trying to force Islam on humanity through conspiracy and terror, with no fear of retribution from anyone. The Russian Mafia and political leaders rape their country's resources and control its economy for personal benefit. What happens when one man decides he can change it all? What ensues is a clash of personalities, gladiatorial conflict, and fight for survival, spawning intrigue, violence, and reprisal. The mind of man involuntarily conceptualizes from birth; it's how our beliefs and opinions are formed. How wrong can we be? Who is that dark-complected stranger sitting with us on the plane? Are our friends really who we think they are? Are there among us those who seek to harm us? Of course we know these things exist, but how close are they? You will discover how close as you live with these people in this fast-paced electrifying thriller.
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ISBN: 9781462097647
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