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As a child, Sue Martin struggles to understand why her mother keeps her at a distance. Always eavesdropping, she hears her mother constantly referring to her as poor ol' Sue. This contributes to her low self-esteem and leaves her feeling abnormal. The story begins in the 1960's, and spans the most formative years of her life. Possessing an intensity about everything, Sue intellectually and emotionally matures at a young age. Gary Waltham, a student of art seeks to show her the beauty of the world. Everything about him is a contrast to the turmoil and unrest inside her. Very mature for their age, they grow in love. However, one night while Sue is alone at a party, her curiosity about alcohol leads to reckless drinking. As her inhibitions diminish, her repressed sexual desires quickly unfold. This is the beginning of Sue's secret life of sexual exploration. Slowly the reckless disregard for herself erodes her stability. Seeking to sort life out at college, Sue is stunned by the coldness and indifference of Dr. Sarah McBride, the Dean of Women. Challenged by her demeanor, Sue relentlessly breaks through her facade and discovers an amazing story of Sarah's character and strength to out live her sentence of death. Unbeknownst to either of them, their lives have a parallel reality and connection. Sarah McBride, now in her sixties, is forced to look back at the great love story of her life, meanwhile Sue is forced to cope with a devastating tragedy that reveals overwhelming evidence of a love beyond her comprehension.
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